Democracy-alive in India?




Is Democracy alive in India?

If so where it is?

I had been searching for democracy right from my child hood but in vain. It has made me to develop an aversion on Democracy. I read that democracy is for the people, by the people and so on. But the fact in India Democracy is bought on the name of elections. And the so called elected representatives are laughing at us. We the middle class people are bearing. But this bearing bursts out at any moment. If majority rule us undemocratically then it should be confined to reference books but not in text books and should not be taught to students like me and by which I get mislead. Democracy has an inner meaning of humanity but not coupled with money. We have strong leaders who have come from poor family and became Prime Ministers and rose to the occasion and did not mind to resign from their glorious post, preferred to travel by bus back home. Perhaps the rule of the kings with their council of ministers were more courteous than these elected representatives, in spite they are cruel. Their cruelty was confined only on some sectors. But now the cruel laugh is spreading on all spheres in leaps and bounds. I am developing a brutal idea that in India elections shall be banned to restore democracy. Of course I know this experiment is failed in our neighboring countries. We have a gut feeling that we should vote for Mr. Jaya Prakash Narayana in our Andhra Pradesh but could have no possibility because in our country we the Hindus are treated as minors and other casts are treated as majors, despite knowing that in our neighboring country we the Hindu minors are forced to pay tax on our hair. But still we are not…….. and keeps our pant zip is more tightened. I feel sad on seeing the performance of the government which has come in to power which cannot give security of living, security to education, security of good food. I wonder that why the government is taxing for breathing.


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