Effect of westerners on India



Westerner’s effect on India is up to core in every aspect and to the every corner of country. I feel we Indians are to trying to imitate them which is absolutely useless and not a thing healthy consequence too, it is some sort of masking which is not at all good on our part .we can follow their culture without forgetting ours, today we completely forgot our culture and traditions and even some don’t know that they exit for us. This is most shame on our part as citizen of such a great country and pitiable too on this earth. Westerner’s are not doing so, then why are we as we are so called cultured people with great history of great culture and traditions through world. Especially culture and traditions are not just made in hook and crook manner or not present just like that, instead they are framed based on the climatic conditions, based on the mentality of the people and in total environment based and it differs from country country one another. To be more precise culture is purity of heart and mind and their synchronization in thinking. To be more precise culture and tradition is the set of disciplinary actions for the well being of the individual. It sets mind in state, which will act as some control system and acts some physiological medicine or some sort of hypnotism for controlling ones senses, which will lead for his destruction. Greatness of our culture is scientifically superior.

Now-a-days it has become a fashion and some thing great if one follow western culture instead feeling bad as they are not feeling to follow and learn more about culture .One more disgusting and saddest thing is if any one follow our culture and tradition means he/she are treated as some alien or some unknown creature or like some animal which ran of form jungles and moving in the people and they are considered as most uncultured people by the society instead of praising them .So because of this uncultured and worse and inhuman behavior many good people who are trying to follow our culture are also to forced to follow do so as those bloody asses do as those good people will really be made their survival difficult .

Moreover this one more interesting thing is promoting and lying platform for advertising the western culture by instigating their children to follow and they are feeling that they will become great or status will increase .No child in this country starts his education with English without learning his mother tongue and if they try to talk also they are made to talk in English which is very bad as it is some thing like forgetting ones mother who gave life which he is enjoying present, which is very bad as a being on this earth . Here I don’t mean that we should not learn other than our language,I just mean that not without learning our language . If go to past India is the first country to establish university in the entire world nearly in 1B.C and in Rome university was established after death of Christ and we started doing research and that time entire westerners are still barbarians moving in jungles hunting animals who doesn’t know the meaning of culture which means we are more cultured beings in this world ,but this scenario has been totally changed our Indians started licking their asses in every aspect

The westerners hypnotized our people to say in more precise way they captured our foolishness and they made our fools to be in situation in which we believe what ever they say is correct. and now our people that those barbarians as most cultured people and we are barbarians, really this hurting thing to an real Indian. For example if they say that “shit is very good to eat ” then our people stats eating it immediately without no hesitation and second thought , that is how our people are. In this context I would like to put infront of u all one more thing is-in the mid 1960-2000 yoga was made unpopular and considered as some nonsense, but when westerner’s practiced and became popular in their country then our people seeing it recently our people also started practicing it by saying- “u know people in the western country are practicing it it means it is great so lets also follow ”, this much impact we are having in our people and I don’t know why our people failed to recognize our greatness and started praising them .This shows that we don’t possess individuality and we completely lost it and one more heartbreaking thing is their words have become some ISO mark or something like universally accepted mathematical rule.

Here one more interesting thing is our so-called great news and entertainment media (like movies) instead of promoting our culture by bringing awareness in the people they are promoting and setting a platform for intensifying the westerns culture impact in the people heart which they are not supposed to do so as their duty is to remove and create awareness on bad things going in society.

One more great point to show that their impact is to the core is –in our country usually mother is use to care of children because of the westerner impact the concept of crutch or day care came in to play in which complete care was taken by the ayahs and nurses which Is affecting child and parental relationship which is not supposed to happen .We indians believe that “mathru devobhava , pithru devobhava, acharya devobhava , acharya devobhava and athididevobhava” which means parents are the gods Actually god is who showers his love and affection on the us when parents are compared to god they should . Also shower their love towards children and take care of them, but they are not doing that then how ca they called as parents and they are more like machine which produces some product.And one more area which shows their impact on our people is ,even on weekly holiday too, they being christians goto church on Sunday so for them Sunday is holiday then why for us this shows to much extent there is impact is on our people.

In baghavathgeetha lord Krishna said that whenever there is “adharma” I will take birth and destroy adhrma .Here adharma is not doing their job they are intended to do on this earth here adharma is every where so all should be shot dead and hope it come to true and it is happening too (such as tsunami, bomb blast earth quake etc)

Conclusion: I would like to conclude that we still didn’t get freedom though Britisheres left our country physically their impact is still on us. When they came to India they destroyed every thing our country and financial position now they indirectly destroying our culture. At least now wake up my dear and fellow citizens of India to protect our culture


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