Outlook of incredible India



India in the past has proved to the world about its credibility in knowledge and wisdom from past many centuries. This country has contribution in spirituality is really incredible. The spiritual and knowledge base of the country is too strong that though it has been under the rule of many foreign rulers for more than 1000 years, it was able to sustain itself. But from the past 60 years there has drastic drop down of resistance, it had from past many centuries. This jeopardized state has to be precisely studied from every corner as this has taken its roots in almost all sectors, in order to protect our country individuality. There are many challenges to be encountered to put ourselves out of this state.

Education, employment and development:

Education field is one of the main root causes for the degradation of society. What is education? It can be answered as Saa vidyaa ya vimukthaye! -The education is one which takes us on the path which leads to freedom; here mukhti does not only mean salvation It means freedom, from arishadvargas [kama (lust),krodha(anger), lobha(greed),moha(delusion), mada  (pride) and matsarya(envy)] which will let you in to the path of wisdom.

But does this definition sustain in present world? The answer is all entertainment sources (disco, pubs, etc..,). Students were shown and taught this by surrounding he lives. They were taught and trained not to question. They study history that India had cake walk life under British and not how our kings fought? How we suffered and atrocities of British? Why our great leaders scarified their life for freedom?

The concept of evolution of education in India is really insane. We know we are very rich of resources than any other country in world (GSI states report states that there is a gold and diamond rush where Andhra alone 55,000 hectors of land contain gold, diamonds and other resources). Recent GSI reports says there is gold and diamonds rush in India, the next job of ours should be start of mining colleges so that we can mine our mines instead of inviting some foreign companies (ex: dbeers, rio tinto etc..,) and feeding them. Currently we have only one mining college in india that is Indian school of mining in Dhanbagh.  Can’t we generate mining engineers required to mine our mines? For sure we can do it. The IT field stands as a proof as within 6years we were able to produce for 1million IT population for india alone and more than half a million people have been supplied to serve rest of world IT development.

Let us engineer our education course structure according to the requirements of our country. In the name of free trade we are welcoming again an outsider in to our country, the result of it we have faced in the past.

One thing that is evident is “the suffering was never a lesson to India”. They were only taught to work for white economy. I think too much importance given to IT field has spoiled the research attitude in students as jobs are easily given to people. The most lunatic thing is even biotechnology and civil people are also pushed in to software programming because of which a huge shallow in respective fields is created.

Just by seeing the 1million IT professionals people are in an illusion that India is developing what about remaining rest of million populations who are suffering?  Before IT came in to picture are all were unemployed completely? And how employment is provided in those days? Because of 1million jobs every student is thinking job means IT job only no other profession lives other than this, as result of this we can’t see progress in our society and country. It is to be remembered that IT development is a part of economy generating and it is not only the source.  The core fields like finance, economics, journalism, mining engineering, agricultural research, archeological studies, historical studies security studies, etc..,  where is the preference for all these courses.

Our education system trains “to import technology not to invent technology”, if we start inventing technology then scenario is termed as “re-inventing the wheel by the so called globalists. If Japan might have thought the way we thought, it would not have been technologically this much ahead. Perhaps ours is the best nation which understood the concept of “reinventing wheel concept” too much clearly. That’s why we wait for someone to develop the technology and then import. If this is the thought sustains, the gap between the developed countries and under developed countries sustains forever. The development so called has made a safe and fixed path to make India to be fixed dependence on other countries.

The thought of “globalization and privatization” is the one which has installed this nature in us. In the name of globalization all rich people came together and started taking away things and because of which rich became richer and poor became poorer. The rich countries started becoming much richer and developing countries are tending towards underdeveloped state. If this concept continues to train us we will surely become a super-beggar instead a super power. This thought has to be inculcated in to young minds. Based on this thought the overall structure of the education system has to be designed.


India considers agriculture as its back bone, so the country focus should majorly reside on this area, but is it really happening? Probably this is the only question which doesn’t require any options the answer is raised as “NO”.  Government builds road, parks, schools, police security, bus facility etc.., in cities and towns being in a day dream that they are the representation of the country. Whereas full two-thirds (67 percent) of India’s labor force of more than 450 million people is employed in agriculture,  which accounts for about 23 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Another 26 percent of the GDP is accounted for by industry and 47 percent by services. The CIA World Factbook estimated the division of the GDP to be slightly different, indicating agriculture at 25 percent.

When villages are source of generation then why villages are not facilitated on par of with cities? Is this the way we should treat our backbone. They are not slaves to country they are the pillars of the country. This point has to be churned in everybody heart, then only a country can become super power not by the any sort manufacturing industries, IT companies etc..,

The other side of the issues concerning agriculture is in production of agricultural products. Companies like Monsanto in the name BT products running a big strategy to break back bone of india. Seeds which are produced are spoiling the fertility of the soil by killing the soil bacteria. A simple example is in previous days I remember in the rice crop we got we use to keep some seeds for next crop and sell remaining seeds but it is not happening now because the present seeds were unable to result in a plant, when there were unable to give a plant how can we thing of those grains can give strength to us?  

Though this is a big failure and rejected by many countries why India is sheltering all such kind of companies and now-a-days India has become very big market to sell all things which were banned outside India. For example lets us take Monsanto:

  • Fined in France for false advertising
  • Monsanto was fined $19,000 in a French court on 26 January 2007 for misleading the public about the environmental impact of its herbicide Roundup.
  • A former chairman of Monsanto Agriculture France was found guilty of false advertising for presenting Roundup as biodegradable and claiming that it left the soil clean after use.
  • Monsanto’s French distributor Scotts France was also fined 15,000 euros.
  • Both defendants were ordered to pay damages of 5,000 euros to the Brittany Water and Rivers association and 3,000 euros to the CLCV consumers group.

Why our government is forcing farmers to use artificial fertilizers is never understood by anyone?

Over years the input prices have been on an upswing. The costs of seeds, fertilizer, chemical pesticides and machinery have gone through the roof. As UNCTAD states, while the input prices are going up, the output prices have remained stagnant. As a result, the entire farm equation has gone topsy-turvy. The rich countries were the first to sense this, and knowing that the markets will not be able to do justice to farmers, they brought in direct income support for farmers.  Between 1995 and 2009, the US alone has paid a quarter of a trillion as farm subsidies. Farmers not only get “direct support, they also received the benefit of “counter-cyclic payments, “market loss payments and subsidies for crop insurance and now for bio-fuel production. On an average the wealthiest 10% US farmers have walked away with $ 445,127 in subsidies in the past 15 years, small farmers have managed $ 8,862 in the same period. While US farmers can plan to go on a cruise because of these subsidies, more than 2, 50,000 Indian farmers have taken to the gallows in the same period.

In an interview Prof. Devinderji (an agricultural scientist) stated a beautiful example which is stated as follows:

Let  me  illustrate  with  what  happened  in  case  of  agriculture.  India has the second biggest public sector research infrastructure in the world. The 50-odd agricultural  universities  (and  approximately  the  105  national  institutes)  were  actually  set  up  under  the  Land  Grant  system  of  education,  research  and  extension  that  we borrowed from America. G B Pant University for Agriculture and Technology at Pantnagar was the first university set up by US   AID. The university research and  education  system  was  therefore  tailored  and  anchored  to  the  American  model  of  farming.  The education curriculum and the textbooks came from the US.  I remember  when  I  was  a student  some  30 years  back  I  used to read  a  textbook of soils written by two American soil scientists. The same book is still in curriculum. Nothing wrong, you would say. I agree. But that book was for temperate soils, and not tropical soils

This is because Indian farm economists have misled farmers to believe that the more they produce the more will be their income. If this was true, USA and the European Union wouldn’t have pumped so much of financial support, including direct income, to keep the farm sector alive. In the Netherlands for instance the average farm income is 265 higher than that of an average household. This is simply because these farmers receive direct income support. Withdraw Green Box subsidies under WTO, and I can tell you agriculture in America and Europe will collapse [WHAT ARE GREEN BOX SUBSIDIES UNDER wto].

The final result of all that happened can be lucidly presented by National Crime Records Bureau of India, that more than 1,82,900 Indian farmers took their own lives between 1997 and 2007. It estimates 46 Indian farmers commit suicide every day. That equates to roughly one suicide every 30 minutes!!


This has no clue to anyone around neither for politicians in regional level nor state level until some foreign company comes and informs us. [GRAMMATICAL SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION ERROR: EG…. “No one has a clue on this” instead of ‘this has no clue”] If we consider AP alone, FAPCCI REPORT states that AP alone has total 47 minerals are found in the State that include coal, limestone, bauxite,  barites   mica, beach stones, granite, manganese, asbestos, iron ore, ball clay, fireclay, feld spar silica, steatite, tungsten, Quartz, dolomite, graphite, diamond.

The Geological Survey of India identified 110 kimberlite pipes (diamond-bearing formations) in the State, the highest in the country.These kimberlite pipes were found in the most backward places such as Anantapur, Mahbubnagar, Kurnool, Kadapa, Chittoor and Nalgonda districts. Kimberlites are the most important sources of diamonds and are usually found on the earth’s crust as vertical structures. These regions though they are very rich why there are put in a table of below poverty line. To mine those resources the contract is given to foreign companies which has history of exploiting of their resources in the other parts of world [EXAMPLES OF FOREIGN COMPANIES AND MINES]. Why can’t we have our mining engineers so that we can eat fruits of our tree?  Why not we look forward to take initiative to generate mining colleges the way they generate IT engineers nearly 5lakhs per year all over india.

Healths (prevents or cure):

Health is a big joke in india as where all banned medicines are there they will be injected in to india. Example: HPV medicine which is banned in the rest of the globe was given to tribal people because of which many lost their lives and this was subscribed by WHO to india and central prescribed to us and our doctors gave to tribal only why not to city people first, even debate came in TV9. Many Indian biotechnology companies are sold out by some big so called pharmacy giants like Merck, were sued many times by complete world except India because they rested in India with no risk. India has become a safe place to hide from rest of world and do whatever they want. Health security is lost.


There is much to talk about security. There has been great threat from the internal security rather than external security. Of course we have lapse in both. Following examples show the lapse of internal security:

  1. The heavy illegal dredging activities by many foreign companies in the coastal areas(Kakinada port issue which was shown in NTV also long back is one which came in to lime light out focus many)

  2. For ex: ongole bull semen taken away by the brazil government from india illegally as this breed semen is the only source to resist mad cow disease, paper statement below proves this.

    This particular semen is transferred from Gujarat and from there through port it was stolen away to Brazil. Now Brazilian scientist states that we found solution for mad cow disease. But happy thing is our government filed case. But result is left to law. Where are the laws governing the transport of any bio material defined? Do they exist? If so why didn’t they work? This shows they were able to intrude in to our country and steal things away. This is the best example which portrays the perspective with which the internal security has to be looked.

3.During the year 2004-09 there has been nearly 29 bomb blasts in country. This portrays the efficiency of the security. The pathetic situation is people being aware of the fact that government failed in this aspect, people at the cost of their life they gave power back to government which has been the cause for death of many thousands of brothers and sisters.

 So far heavy threats happened can’t be planned up without any local support; these local people are the one who are highly hypnotized in religion sense. This is a factor which has to be analyzed in geopolitical perspective. The tribal people, villagers and the people of below poverty line are the targets chosen and are highly hypnotized and brought in to control of enemy and make them work for their activities. Here they try to control of sentiments’ of people and will get all the information they want. This the same strategy applied by British and Portuguese to get people in to their hand and take away India. It is the pitiable that we haven’t learnt any lesson from all the suffering we had for more than 200 years in the past. The saddest part is that no school takes it as prestige and responsibility to teach history as the most important subject, because of which we couldn’t learn any lessons from history and repeating the same mistake which we have committed in the past and got in to white men rule. Even now the strategy happened to be same and people too. At least now our reforms towards security have to be looked in to global perspective to solve local security problems.


Research on the political issues and social issues will result in few questions,

  • How society is being exploited by a group of people?
  • How come they put people in to a highly hypnotized state where people also lost the “quality of fighting for the survival”? Which is basic nature of every animal and being a thoughtful animal?
  • Where this intelligence of basic civic sense, political and administrative sense has gone?

The exploitation has become to the core in each and every sector. For example we have seen how the field of education has become the tool and biggest source to spoil the country. The strategy of spoiling Indian society has been well planned by targeting our youth, political people. Every one proved that we are great spectators. Until people doesn’t come out and start questioning things will not be working for people. My dear brother sisters decide how you want your future generations to lead life, for that right now we all need to put our tremendous effort as history is the base of present and it reflects our future.


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