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Gone are the days when kids lay on their parent’s lap and listened to the stories. With the technology advancing everyday there has been a rapid change in the lifestyles of people. Luxury or Necessity-whatever may be the reason now-a-days both the partners are busy with their jobs. Even the kids are busy with their home works, extra-curricula’s. Due to this, parents are getting little or no time to spend with the children. This is posing threat to the very existence of family in our country. As a result today’s kids are not mentally rich and they lack moral and ethical values. They are getting addicted to TV, Internet, movies, Games etc. Since they are not under the supervision of the parents they are falling prey to the harmful content which is leading to extreme consequences. Even peer pressure is playing spoilsport in their lives. This is seen especially in the urban and semi-urban areas.

I do fear sometimes where we are heading towards. Our country is a land of great culture and values. Even the whole world looks up to our country for the kind of relationship that exists between the members of a family. But now our culture is under threat and it’s our moral responsibility to preserve it.

Since lifestyles can’t be changed at once, at least few things can be done to make lives better. First parents should spend some quality time with the kids. They must have good communication with them. They should talk to them and more importantly listen to them. They should give them lots of love. One thing to be noted here is that giving love doesn’t mean buying expensive gifts or getting the things whatever they asked for. This will only worsen the situation. If the parents love them then the kids will automatically reciprocate their feelings. Parents must try to inculcate ethical and cultural values in them like telling the stories of epics. They must encourage good habits in them. If the child commits mistake, parents should not scold or beat them instantly. Instead they can make the child realize the bad consequences; so that the child will not commit it again.


Childhood is like a bud. Let us nurture it so that it blossoms into a bright and sweet flower and gives fruits of happiness.

Author: T.Samana


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