JAGO JAGORE……Vidya-Arthi


Is it possible for corruption to happen, until and unless there is one who gets corrupted??

Until and unless we get cheated, can anyone cheat us? What could be the root cause of all these?? The answer is very simple-“Improper education!” It may sound ridiculous. But it’s the truth, hard to digest! Let us traverse through the article to see how it can be justified.

What actually is this education?

The definition of education can be quoted in two points,


 सा विद्या या विमुक्तये |

Explanation: The education is one which takes us on the path which leads to freedom! Here, mukhti does not only mean salvation It means ‘freedom’, from arishadvargas [kama (lust),krodha(anger), lobha(greed),moha(delusion), mada  (pride) and matsarya(envy)] which will let you in to the path of wisdom. This is the ultimate desire of every human being. But today vidya-arthi( a person who strives for knowledge) has changed to a person who buys education.


विद्यां चाविद्यांच यस्तद्वेदोभयं सह |

अविद्यया मृत्युं तीर्त्वा विद्यया अमृतमश्नुते ||

Explanation:vidya and avidya( laukika vidya, ie., other than adhyatma, which is necessary to earn a living) when learnt together, will make a wonderful combination. balance in both will make life glorifying. As an example let us consider a poor man: -A poor man thinks, acquiring wealth would be the end of his suffering; -An ill man with multiple diseases feels the medicine would be the end for his suffering; And so on.. How can one be freed from sufferings?? When one understands the truth of life! That, the whole world, in which we are living in, is an illusion! A poor man tries to earn wealth, which he would think would be the end of his sufferings.. But later when his desire is fulfilled, he still is not satisfied… When one earns wealth, does not know the right way of using it, again gets into sufferings… may be in the form of illness, bad company, tensions for safeguarding his acquired wealth, whatever may it be! Instead, if he tries to understand that poverty is not the main cause of his suffering, but it’s his mind, which throws him to the conclusion that poverty is the main cause! No one can hurt u without permission! This situation can be best quoted in simply as follows:

अतृणे पतितो वह्नि: स्वयमेवोपशाम्यते !

           Which says, When there is no (dry)hay, how can the fire burn, how can its intensity double..??  Understanding this minute difference can be termed as real education.

              Happiness and sorrow can never come from outer causes; it’s the one which is always within! When one understands this, there will be probably no cause for any greed, cruelty, corruption, etc., But it is not so easy to feel it, understand it, practice it! But still, the ultimate truth! This can be got only by education, with its real meaning! How wonderful would it be if every kid is being brought up with this thought! Since birth, why, even from before taking birth, when in mother’s womb itself! What a beautiful education!!! This was the way Bharatiyas were being brought up, which made the world look at Bharatha Bhumi! How great are we!  to be born as Bharatiyas! This was why our country was the most wealthy and healthy nation in the world! No other country will ever be able to stand by its side even! This was what Macaulay understood! And then decided to break the very backbone of this country-Its education system ! And he was almost successful! But still, the fragrance of this country’s soil is prevailing, can be felt! The only work to be done is to blow the ashes covering the burning charcoal, so it comes into contact with the air and starts burning, which can even become ‘vanaagni’! which is not so easy to extinguish, and can burn out everything, thus leaving only the pure! The soul of Bharath, her true sons! So educate!

           Educate yourself, and those around! Remember, my dear brothers and sisters! Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. And when we realize this fact, it results in building a great character. When character building education is attained only by great will, strong will, let u achieve the divinity of work! then God stays within you, then one attains “sanatan roop”. He who attains sanatan roop is revered as “YOGI”, the direct representation of God! Dear students install the above statements in to your every pulse (pulse  is a yagna done in our body every second) of yours. Then our body radiates with wisdom!

Conclusion: We would like to end this article with two capsules as conclusion:

capsule 1:

सुखार्थी वा त्यजेद्विद्या विद्यार्थी वा त्यजेद्सुखं |

सुखार्थिन: कुतो विद्या कुतो विद्यार्थिन: सुखम् ||

              One who just wants to be comfortable in life, will have to forget gaining knowledge! Because, in order to acquire knowledge, one has to be ready to work hard, give up his comforts, Both cannot be got together! So first work hard, become educated, gain knowledge!


विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयाद्याति पात्रताम्|

पात्रत्वात धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मस्ततस्सुखम् ||

         Education gives humility, from humility comes worthiness, from worthiness comes wealth and  from wealth finally comes happiness! So once u get educated, wealth and happiness is going to follow for sure! so why from the beginning, strive to earn wealth, prepare our kids to become the future ‘earning machines”? just, let us give them  education in its true sense! Education should be of first importance, then should come wealth!


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  1. Shrinath says:

    This was exactly what i started feeling a couple of months back…that we are not educated at all…we dont even follow the basic things we studied as kids…like the importance of cleanliness, discipline, courteousness and family values. Your site is amazing. Thanks for all the effort…;)


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