scams-one of the avatars of corruption


scam list-1

AUTHOR: compiled by Bharathiyasandesh

scam list-2

conclusion: The above tables provide you a gist of only scams.

 Being unaware of the facts that where corruption starts ,  how it is getting en-routed, what is the root cause of corruption and   is it that only scams and swizz accounts that are the causes of corruption, just making a war on corruption is  not worthy, because it is just something  like entering the war field, without the knowledge of the enemy,  his strength and weaknesses!..Until and unless you are aware of the  weakness and strength of the enemy, it is not possible to fight and win the war! So… know the root cause of corruption so that even if it comes in various forms, you will be able to handle it. Please try to know the basic structure of  corruption. It should not just become like the animals blindly following the hare , which started running, thinking that the sky was falling! Without even trying to analyze the the words of the hare, rest of the animals just started running behind!

Oh my dear Indians! Please try to understand what is  corruption and only then   make a fight!


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  1. Thieves and corrupt politicians sitting in Parliament have been putting hurdles in passing of Lokpal bill for last forty years and they are enjoying the fruits of power for their self and for their kith and kin. They ignore public who voted them to power. That is why now People of India led by Anna has come forward with a Lokpal bill drafted by them.

    Government says that it cannot accept the draft of common men or civil society members because it is against the spirit of the Parliamentary democracy. They plead that the government draft has been referred to Standing Committee of the Parliament. Who are the members of the committee is also to be seen: person like Lalu, Amar Singh, Singhwi , Kapil Sibal who are totally opposed to Jan Lokpal Bill and who are high egoists cannot do justice to Lokpal Bill

    Thieves and corrupt persons sitting in Parliament and who have been consistently earning and accumulating ill earned money and becoming richer and richer cannot be expected to pass a stern and effective Lokpal Bill. They have been applying their cleverness rather to postpone the bill for last 40 years Now when under pressure of public agitation they have submitted the lokpal bill before Parliament, they have rather introduced provisions in their Bill to punish to those who complain against corrupt politicians and corrupt officers. They have been consistently and willfully using “democracy” and “Secularism” as a tool and as a gun to shut the mouth of weeping, tortured and aggrieved public and shot the person, party and society who raise voice against the corrupt politicians. They have been consistently trying to puncture the movement of Anna as they did Ramdeo Baba’s movement against Black Money.

    These clever politicians ( government flatterers ) fired at peaceful demonstrators at Ramlila Ground on 4th June in midnight where Mr. Ramdeo was sitting in fast to lead a movement to bring back black money .These clever politicians tried their level best to trap and torture Ramdeo , Bal Krishna Acharya , Anna and their supporters on flimsy ground… These cleaver politicians tried their level best to disallow Anna’s fast and left no stone unturned to prevent Anna and his followers raising voice against Government.

    Government talks of Standing Committee, parliamentary democracy and adequate time to pass the bill. Government has lost credibility because they talked, discussed and debated various provision of proposed Lokpal bill along with members of Civil society and drafted a joint bill but while presenting the bill in Parliament, they completely ignored the ideas and views of Civil Society members. Government showed by action that they do not value draft prepared by civil society members and on the contrary they did their best to ridicule members of civil society, to malign them and to threaten them to discard their Jan lokpal bill or face the consequences as Ramdeo Baba faced.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says that in such a short span of time as suggested by Anna Team, such a vital bill as Lokpal Bill cannot be passed by Parliament. I wish to mention here that this Parliament which is being used as a tool to hide the malicious intention of the government was never used during last seven years of UPA rule even to discuss the important bills like Finance Bill or any other bill. Parliament passed the bill pertaining to rise in their salary and perks in a day or two. Indira Gandhi Changed the basic structure of the Constitution by 42nd Amendment bill without any discussion in Parliament. Hundreds of bills are passed every year without any debate and discussion.

    Average working hours of Parliament less than 50 pc in 2000-07
    April6, 2009 The Economic Times: As India prepares to elect a new Parliament, a latest study shows that only 173 MPs in the 14th Lok Sabha actually spoke on legislative issues while the House passed nearly 40 per cent of the bills with less than one hour of debate.

    Parliament is used for mutual mug slinging but not in constructive discussion. If there is a will, there is a way. Government has not exhibited their will to pass the strong Lokpal Bill. Their actions and activities clearly indicate that the government is determined to crush the movement of Anna and postpone the making of bill as long as possible.

    But, here I wish to warn the government that this time people of India have awaken from their deep slumber and they will now ensure that their will of strong Lokpal bill is fulfilled by hook or by crook. It is a bitter truth that government never understand the demands made by common men or an organized union until their peacefully placed demand is followed by agitation and violent agitation. People of India know it very well that Government realize the gravity of the genuine demands only when some private and public properties are burnt, some innocent men are sacrificed and so on. This government does not try to understand the sentiments of common men but try to divide them by hook or by crook. The issue is how to eliminate corrupt people from the system AND NOT who are THE POLITICAL PARTIES SUPPORTING Anna. It is only when the Parliament has failed to pass the desired bill for last 40 years. Need of the hour is therefore to leave all works aside and work day and night to discuss and debate Jan Lok Pal bill and pass it in the Parliament to exhibit their effectiveness in practice. Government should without any delay shed their ego and reconcile with the situation and do justice with public demands.

    Parliament is made to represent the views of common men , not that of elected leaders . Elected leaders are supposed to read the pulse of common men and give value to views of civil society members. No rule or law should pose a hurdle in passing of a strong Lokpal Bill in 10 days if government is determined to pass the bill from core of their heart. They can continue debate 24 hours in Parliament for all the residual 9 or 10 days to give respect to public sentiments and Pass Lokpal Bill as agreed upon by consensus in Parliament, The purpose is to pass a effective legislation to create a fear complex in the minds of evil doers and prevent stop officers and politicians adopting corrupt practice for their self interest. It is not prudent and desirable that the government waste time in unnecessary discussions on non issues.It may be Lokpal or Jan lokpal or a mixture of the two . People of India want to get rid of corrupt people and for this purpose they are wholeheartedly behind Anna and Ramdeo.
    I request leaders of Congress Party not to allow the situation Created by followers of Anna and Ramdeo going beyond their control and precipitate a situation like Tiananmen Square of China


  2. dear friend, corruption does not mean only money. I being a teacher do not take my class for full 50min for which i am paid so i am corrupt. We observe that a police taking a bribe from your friends. I call all three of you are corrupt. Try to understand. Annaji is fighting for a lok pal bill but later who would operate it. Once again from us some body. Can lok pal give a guarantee that this man can give proper justice. Why always shout at MPs and MLA and babus. Can you find one man who is never been corrupted. So i wish there is no point in fighting for a lok pall bill. The fight must be against the system. If the system is perfect then the operator shall need to be corrupt.
    Say a lawyer adjourns a simple case of seniority for 19 year in spite of taking the full fees of 5000 rupees. When ever it comes to the bench he seeks adjournment. By the time the judgement comes he would be retired or dies. Now tell me who is corrupt the lawyer or the judge or the system? I say the system. In the system a lawyer cannot take more than some fixed adjournments then the case has to be heard and decisions has to be given then see how beautiful smile on the victim.
    you can n number of examples like this. But who are thinking in these lines. Of course every body is intelligent in his sphere and feels he is right.
    Look at one point Annaji said that the corrupt must be hanged. Later he with drew his statement. Because he is saying ahimsa is his weapon to reach his target. So hanging is Ahimsa. there he lost his tongue. Look at Gandhi. he never spoke against the hanging of Bhagath sing. Had he spoken then perhaps Bharat sing would have lived for long. Because he felt the ways of Bharat sing are not corrupt. so he is not corrupt.
    so never blame only poiticians. Find a solution. Make a big group on social net work and let all the team members work for the country.
    i am predicting some thing in you and let me wait to tell you what it is
    with love and blessings


  3. Corruption never happens from bottom to top in a system. it starts from top-most positioned man and moves upto a common man.

    President–>PM–>Ministers–>Top Officers–>Middle Officers–>Govt.workers—>comman man
    ~ —>Corporate world & Contractors –>comman man


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