SHODASHA SAMSKARAS(THE SIXTEEN SACRAMENTS)to be human or inhuman, choose yourself!(PART I)





Our ancestors, thinkers and philosophers believed that the main aim of life is not just the worldly success, but  the achievement of spiritual knowledge and realization of the supreme power.To achieve knowledge,  every human has to go through various samskaras, right from the birth till death. These samskaras bind the human life to follow a system that keeps him mostly away from unproductive pleasures and temporary ecstasy .. All the 16 samskaras are conducted at different stages of life. Each and every samskara has its own importance. If done with rituals and purity of mind it brings a lot of positive changes in life. And of course very necessary to create a ‘satpraja”

An eagle is known for powerful eyesight, dog for its sense of smelling, the bat has powerful ears, and so on.. similarly, the brain in human  is extra ordinary! Human brain, has tremendous energy  to do anything ! so such a brain needs to be trained, made as such it guides this ‘body’ in a right path! When a child takes birth, it brings along with it two kinds of accomplishments(samskaras)! one which he carries through many births and  the other acquired from parents(heredity) They may be either good ones or bad! Hence, in order to bring the child away from such an environment, from the bad accomplishments through physical and philosophical methods  is  the main aim of our Vedic culture! And this is called ‘samskara’- the sacraments, accomplishments, embellishments.. सम्यक् क्रियते अनेन इति संस्कार: |The Samskāras are a series of Sacraments, Sacrifices and Rituals that serve as rites of passage and mark the various stages of the Human life

पुनर्ग्रामं पुन: क्षेत्रं  पुनर्वित्तं पुनर्गृहम् |

पुनः: शुभाशुभं कर्म न शरीरं पुन: पुन: ||

May be village, field, money or a dwelling.. can be regained again even if  lost. Any pleasant or unpleasant happenings may repeat. But the same human body can never be got again once lost! So, whatever good has to be done, should be done in this birth itself!!

We find people who are really behaving like animals today. Why? At times animals are much more better than humans now-a-days.. In all ways.. May it be regarding his thinking capacity, or the subtle nature of the mind or his behaviour! Its a known fact that animals are so much tuned with the nature that they they get to know every change in the nature, like earthquakes, tsunami or what ever.. before it reaches human brain today! but our ancestors had that capacity to know both past and the future, seen and the unseen without the help of any computers or machines! Just see the temples or any other huge structures built without the help of any crane or anything! The astronomers explained about every star and the solar system without the help of any telescope, which we are not able to find even today, and even the tiniest objects, may be even the micro organisms, were known to them without a microscope!

Just imagine the capacity of the brain they had, the level of knowledge they had! We have almost lost it today.. have become more dependent on machines than our brains! Isn’t there any necessity to get back the brain its capacity??

So if a human has to be a human, he has to gain knowledge ( being confused for literacy or just learning, in today’s situation)! आहार निद्रा  भय मैथुनानि

सामान्यमेतत्  पशुभिर्नराणां |

ज्ञानं हि तेषां अधिको विशेषो

ज्ञानेन हीनः: पशुभिस्समानः ||

food intake, sleep, fear and  copulation are common in all animals. As we all know, man is also an animal! The only feature which distinguishes him from other animals, is ‘knowledge’!, his extraordinary brain! And without this knowledge will just be equal to an animal! In order to acquire this knowledge, he has to tune himself to the eternal. And these samskaras or the sacraments help him to get tuned and the knowledge starts flowing through, by cleansing his mind and body.There are 16 sacraments in general.. They can be roughly classified into two-1. शरीर संस्कारा:  ( for the purification of the body) – prenatal sacraments garbhadana pumsavana seemantonnayana2. बुद्धि संस्कारा:( for the mind) – post natal sacramentsjaatakarma naamakarana nishkramana annapraashana choula upanayana vrata chatushtaya samaavarthana vivaha anthyeshtiAlong with these when  the eight आत्मगुणक संस्कारा: ( for the virtue of the soul, also samskaras for the mind ) add up, the creation would be wonderful, extraordinary! They are-dayaa(mercy) kshamaa(forbearance), anasuyaa(absence of envy), shoucha(cleanliness), anaayaasa(absense of exertion,always ready), maangalya(conferring or indicating happiness), akaarpanya(liberality), aspruha(undesirous) Let us now try to know about each samskara in brief. 1. GARBHADHANA: GARBHADANA, is the act of conception. This is the first sacrament which is followed immediately on every matrimonial union. The womb is  placed, gifted! Gifted by a husband  to his beloved wife! (gifted is used here because its not just an act of impregnation unlike other animals. So its really a gift of love!) It shows the love and respect  towards each other, shows their duties and responsibilities in making a wonderful creation! It is considered as a sacred act! It never meant  just ‘impregnation’‘! as considered by the westerners! How wonderful was the education in India, which teaches holiness, purity in every action! How sacred and delicate was every word used in our language sanskrit! While translating the Grhyasutras, the same samskara was refrained from being translated to English by Max Muller and was instead done in Latin, since he considered it as ‘ coarse and vulgar’! How can the act of creating a wonderful, holy being, be considered as a vulgar act! It’s a Yajna being performed by a havir rupi purusha in agni rupi  sthree! According to science, the physical and mental co-ordination  of the parents is called Germ plasm, according to which there are two kinds of cells in general.. The generative cells and the somatic cells. The generative cells carry genes in them which are responsible for the inherent physical and mental characteristics of a human being. According to the environmentalist theories, since these are inherent characteristics, they can never be changed by any methods! But according to western scientists, through Human genetic engineering, it is possible to  alter an  individual’s genotype with the aim of choosing the phenotype of a newborn or changing the existing phenotype of a child or adult! And also, the creation of a ‘superman’ is expectable! But it is just predictable that because of these methods the world will definitely be put into an endangered state! But our vedic culture teaches and allows us to do all these through strong will, through a sound mind in a sound body! It has been proved since years that this is possible! That too without posing any threat to the well being of the people! ध्रुवं चतुर्णां सान्निध्यात् गर्भ: स्याद्विधि पूर्वक:| ऋतु क्षेत्राम्बु बीजानां संयोगात् अंकुरो यथा||                                                                                                      (sushrutha samhita) Which means.. the right combination of the season(time), field(soil), water and the quality of the seeds are important for the germination of seeds, and their well growth.. The same happens even in the case of the humans.. McFadden says “Conception time with reference to the menstrual cycle normally runs its course in twenty eight days and so corresponds in length to the lunar month”. There is a feminine physiological habit which in some ways at present clearly understood, closely corresponds to the movements or the moon. The theory is that if fertilized, when first discharged from the ovary, the Ovum is female in tendency while latter as the ovum ages it becomes male so that fertilization between the third and fifth day after menstruation is liable to produce a girl, between the fifth and eighth days a boy or a girl and between the eight and between the eight and twelfth days, a boy”. This clearly explains the right time for garbhadhana According to Sushrutha, ‘The Father of Surgery’ the  right age of the couple for garbhadhana is 16years for females and 25years for males..There was always an option given for getting a male or a female child! The main aim of this sacrament is to create a satprajaa( a good offspring) by warding  off the defects in the bija(semen), cleansing   the womb of the mother(kshetra) at an auspicious time,  through various rituals, mantras(hymns) and ingredients used during the process. Any one who takes birth from the mother’s womb cannot be called a ‘prajaa’(off spring in general).  Prajaa means ‘प्रकृष्टेन जायते इति प्रजा ( the off springs which are better than the parent in all ways) यत् ब्रह्माण्डे तत् पिण्डे Which means, what is in the universe( the outer world), the same exists in this body and vice-verse. This universe is made up of five elements- earth(soil), fire, water, air and aether. and each and every organ of the human body is affected by the five elements. for example, eyes by the agni(fire) element, ears by the aether, tongue by the water element and so on. So what ever changes take place in the five elements in the universe automatically affect the organs in this body related to that element. So, the right samskara done at the right time, in the right way would definitely be an effective and alternative method for Human Genetic Engineering, without causing any harm to the society or the environment! Let us all learn to see every act of nature with sanctity, as an act of respect and responsibility,as our ancestors used to..instead of seeing it just as a matter of enjoyment! Let us become humans and not animals!
Let’s create ‘prajaa’ and not not just an offspring! When every one aims for that, the number of demons and animals will definitely reduce thus putting an end to all the problems we are  facing today! may be corruption or any other inhuman activity!
Be a human, behave like a human, recognize a human in a human and then strive to create a human for the welfare of the human and only then can exist a human! If not the whole world will become inhuman!Jaya Bharathi!

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  1. P. Gopi Krishna says:

    Kindly let me know once the write up on SHODASHA SAMSKARAS (THE SIXTEEN SACRAMENTS) is completed. Many thanks.
    Love and Love alone ….


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    I found the information on this post beneficial.


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