Independence is the right of every living being on this earth. If it is deprived of, then starts a revolution to reset the status. Almost every country underwent this phase and has learnt lessons which resulted in development of socio-economic and financial status. Like all other countries, India too has undergone this stage of dependence for more than 200years under the rule of the‘white’. But after the independence, white men burden has changed to political burden, just a shift in the burden and no freedom from burden at all!. This political power has changed the phase of democracy by defining it as the rule on the people and loot the people .

When this definition reaches its extremity, then pops up revolution. India Against Corruption fight by Annaji is claimed to be one such. But there arises a question, where was he all these days? why did he come all of a sudden? Are these questions inappropriate? Aren’t they of any importance?Isn’t there any necessity to find the answers to these questions? The core committee members- Kiran Bediji, Shanthi Bhushanji, Arvindji, who drafted the bill are just surrounding and supporting Anna Hazare for promoting janlokpal bill,.why can’t they sit for fasting on to death, instead of making a 74 year old man who is at the last stage of his life sit for fasting? How far would it be meaningful and justifiable? When he is under fasting, just mere participation and making show off by waving flags doesn’t solve the problem! We Indians have developed a habit of projecting some person as great and, we will just rest by throwing on to him all the burden! We will make him bear good or bad, we will take him for granted. Even this is the same thing which seems to be happening in the case of jan lokpal team. They kept Annaji in the front line, posing him as the leader. If his health deteriorates and if something happens to him, who is going to be held responsible? It’s not the government, it is the people who made him sit for fasting. They will have to be regarded as the culprits, if anything happens to Annaji. It’s something like people sacrificing a goat to some God for the fulfillment of their wishes. They are using Annaji as a sacrificial animal in this movement with an intention to enjoy the good will and power they are supposed to get after the movement. I wonder how the people of India, that too the youth just follow every movement blindly, without thinking! Please think before u make a move!

We need to save Annaji!!!


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