SHODASHA SAMSKARAS( THE SIXTEEN SACRAMENTS)To be human or inhuman, choose yourself! (PART II)






While Garbadhna implies the sowing of seed in the fertile field, Pumsavanam deals with the technique of genetic engineering to ensure healthy pregnency and to determine the sex of the child.

‘पुमान् प्रसूयते येन कर्मणा तत् पुंसवनं’

This is the second prenatal sacrament, performed during pregnancy. This is performed in order to make the pregnancy stable and to make the foetus strong like a male! But it has been mistaken that this samskara is performed  only with an intention to get a male child! But if we just think for a while, anyone can understand that it is not so! If every one who performs pumsavanam gets a male child only, then a great imbalance would be created in nature and how would life ever continue?? It cannot be agreed that  our ancient seers who showed us the path of well being were that foolish !

It has to be considered that pumsavanam is not just  engendering a male issue. As we say in the sankalpam ‘ पुं रुपता ज्ञानोदय सिद्धद्वारा’……… it is clear that it is considered as ‘to get a child which is a wit, intelligent like a male’. Usually, a male is said to be ‘buddhi pradhana’, that is, intelligence, knowledge is the prime factor in the males andof course has a strong physique when compared to females. A  female is known to be ‘bhava pradhana’ ie.., emotions and sentiments are the prime factors in females. Generally, these samskaras are performed to enhance the capacity of the brain to acquire knowledge, since knowledge is the only factor which distinguishes man from other animals! And also to build up physical health of the embryo and also of the grown ups! And so it is clear that this samskara is performed to enhance the knowledge gaining  capacity of the brain and also a strong body and not just to get a male child as it is mistaken for! But it is also true that a change of the embryo to male sex can be induced before the gender differentiation takes  place.

Men and women, are boundless electricity, when they are brought together sexually, a series of electric currents would be released which may react on them favourably or adversely depending upon the harmonious or discordant nature of the vibrations released. Sexual union, pregnancy and reproduction of human species are the essentials on which the world exists, sexual union should never be based upon simple sense gratification. There is a sacredness about sexual functions and when moral and spiritual considerations are not respected, the corresponding offspring will be of most heinous type.

Normally, PUMSAVANAM is performed in the third or the fourth month of pregnancy. In case of any  inconvenience , an option has also been given to perform this sacrament in the eighth or the ninth month along with the seemanthonnayanam.

In this samskara, cleanly washed durva grass has to be ground into a fine paste to extract the juice and then sieved through a clean white cloth and then dripped into the right nostril(surya naadi) of pregnant woman, by her husband( The practice of using the juice extracted from the leaves of banyan tree is also found). Before this is done, the lady has to test if she is inhaling through her left or the right nostril. The juice has to be poured only when she is breathing through her right nostril. This is because in women, the air breathed in, reaches the uterus through the ida naadi, only when breathed through the right nostril. The air which passes through the pingala naadi( present in the left nostril) does not reach the womb!

It is to be noted that the ingredients used in the process of every samskara is very much relevant! Let us just look at the properties of Durva in brief.

The Sanskrit word durva literally means that which is cut or eaten by the animals.  This plant has been recognized for its cooling, haemostatic, diuretic, depurative and tonic properties since ancient times, cited in Dhanvantari, Kaiyadeva and Raja Nighantus. Durva is astringent and sweet in taste , sweet in the post digestive effect and has cold potency . It alleviates kapha and pitta dosas. It possesses light and oily attributes. It is used in skin diseases, blood disorders, thirst and burning sensation in the body.  The plant is beneficial in the treatment of epilepsy and hysteria and in conditions associated with pain, due to vitation of vata dosa. As a potent styptic, it effectively arrests the bleeding in dysentery, piles, haematuria, epistaxis, menorrhagia, diarrhea, raktapitta etc. It checks the uterine bleeding, strengthens the uterus, averts the abortion and augments the foetal growth. The plant juice given along with rice water and rock candy, curbs the vomiting. Durva is useful as a general tonic as well as an aphrodisiac. Durva also works well as anti-toxin (vishaghna).

According to Dr. Harvard Vescott, the chlorophyll present in durva  minimises the decaying of any part of the body by helping in the production of new cells. It also mixes well in the bloodstream. It will be worthy considering it as the ’green blood’!

Normally, we find more abortions in the third month of pregnancy. Just think of the relevance of the usage of  such a medicinal dose, given directly to the foetus (non-violently) at the right time, along with the chanting of certain mantras or hymns, (which are nothing but the ultrasonic sound waves, which surely augments the growth of the foetus, which is nothing but the Mantra Therapy) and of course followed by  the ‘Homa therapy’. These can be considered as the non violent methods used by our ancestors for the welfare of the society.

The important proceeding in pumsavanam is the  swallowing of 2 whole black gram seeds and one barley seed together thrice along with curds by the pregnant woman.

Through Pumsavana Samskara, it is evident that our ancient Rishes brought about sexual changes in the embryo, son or daughter as desired.

Human babies, have the ability to recognize voices that they first heard, before they were born. So it is the duty of the parents to give only jnaana and not ajnaana, even since before birth, since it acts as the foundation for birth of a true human! This is the aim of every samskara in our vedic way of life!

Rani Leelavathi, the consort of king Hiranyakashipu was pregnant when she was taken to Naradamuni’s Ashram in exile. There, Maharshi took care of her well-being. He made her listen to the glorious of Narayanatatwa. The child in the womb grasped the teachings of the saint and that was the reason why prahallada became a staunch Vishnubhakta since his birth though born to a Rakshasa Parents.

In the second instance, the Mahabaratha says that when Krishna was describing the secrets of warfare – Chakravyuha to Subhadra, Abhimanyu listened to the conversation while he was in his mother’s womb itself.

It is possible to impart instruction to the child in the womb. Recently some light has been thrown by the U.S Scientists on this dark chamber of human life. The U.S Scientists studying the hearing capacities of foetus confirmed that learning begins before birth.

Prof. Nicoklai Constantinovitch of Moscow discovered an electric treatment which separates and segregates the male and female spermatozoa. Children of either sex may be obtained by using chromosomes of the opposite in artificial impregnation.

And this was long before known to our Rishis that one can get a male or a female child as desired, but in a much better way, without harming the well being of the society or the nature!

Oh my dear brothers and sisters of  this great nation! Try to recognize the depth of knowledge our ancestors had! Stop degrading your country’s heritage, her culture! Try to understand that our ancient seers knew most of the things which we, the so called ‘the most intellectual people’ are still even unable to look at! Don’t just judge everything on the basis of science. Science is of course necessary, but its not the ultimate! Science  teaches us that we are just this body made up of numerous cells,etc and many a times, throws us into the deep well of ajnaana(ignorance), which may lead us to a state of greediness, the result of which we are seeing, experiencing today! Science is just a branch of knowledge, and not the ultimate knowledge by  itself! Science without the help of our ancient teachings of  ‘atmajnaana’, leads us to only sorrow but nothing! On the other hand, the latter leads to happiness and only happiness, a state of eternal bliss!

Jaya Bharathi!                                                                                               (to be continued)


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