Frog gene in potato (Frog(P)otato-GM potato uses frog gene)

It is the time for all the all vegetarians to hold their breath and hear the news that they can be no more vegetarians. A taken task has been taken by the bio- technology researchers to convert all vegetarians to non vegetarians. The great future of this potato is it uses frog gene to resist pathogens. So we need to change the name of potato … Continue reading Frog gene in potato (Frog(P)otato-GM potato uses frog gene)

Vaccination or No Vaccination?

by Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi  Vaccination improves Body Immunity, But … It could impair the body’s ability to develop resistance .. is the alternative view. Let us understand that perspective thru the personal experience of a Health Journalist. ————————- It was a year before her daughter was born that health journalist Reba came across anti-vaccination literature. “I was intrigued and started reading what was written about vaccines … Continue reading Vaccination or No Vaccination?


-By Aditi & Ratnesh Mathur Learning always lies in individuals – not institutions. Just because you belong to an institution, it doesn’t necessarily transfer the learning to you. You will have to constantly make your own singular effort to make that learning happen – for you. Some of us think, learning can happen “from” others. But this, according to me, is a misplaced notion. Learning … Continue reading THE LEARNING ENERGY


AUTHORS: D.S. CHARAN KUMAR SHARADHA Women are given a greater importance in this country. Almost all beautiful things in this nature are compared and spelled with female gender only. Even nature is termed with female gender, as ‘prakrti maatha’!. That is the greatness a woman possess. In simple words women can be revered with the statement given below: यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता: | … Continue reading WOMEN – THE REPRESENTATIVES OF GOD!

India: Perils of becoming a republic of scandals

Corruption, No. 1 national security threat, is eating into the vitals of the state, enfeebling internal security and crimping foreign policy. India confronts several pressing national security threats. But only one of them – political corruption – poses an existential threat to the state, which in reality has degenerated into a republic of mega-scandals. The pervasive misuse of public office for private gain is an … Continue reading India: Perils of becoming a republic of scandals

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Fighting Secret Arctic Oil Wars

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in the Arctic ostensibly to discuss preserving its unique environment, a disturbing series of communications revealed today by wikileaks tell another story. These cables confirm what we have long been saying: several nations – including the US – appear ready to go to war over Arctic oil. For years now, the military forces of Arctic nations like Russia, … Continue reading Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Fighting Secret Arctic Oil Wars

Wikileaks releases CIA ‘exporter of terrorism’ report

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has published a CIA memo examining the implications of the US being perceived as an “exporter of terrorism”. The three-page report from February 2010 says the participation of US-based individuals in terrorism is “not a recent phenomenon”. The memo cites several cases of alleged terrorist acts by US residents. An official played down the report from the CIA’s so-called Red Cell, saying … Continue reading Wikileaks releases CIA ‘exporter of terrorism’ report

Anthrax, The Perfect CIA Weapon

This article explores murderous and reckless CIA/DIA treason and the powerful and compelling case exposing it’s deliberate, criminal role in preparing and aiding the 9-11 attacks on America, the Anthrax murder of Bob Stevens, and the needless, ostensibly religious socialist murders of million of others, including many thousands of Americans. Forward The coincidence of 9-11 events and the Anthrax murders is simply too convenient and … Continue reading Anthrax, The Perfect CIA Weapon

Forget the past and look at the future!

Once upon a time two Buddhist monks were traveling together. They came to the bank of a river and found the bridge was damaged. They had to wade across the river. There was a prettywoman who was stuck at the damaged bridge and couldn’t cross the river. The older monk offered to carry her across the river on his back. The younger monk was shocked … Continue reading Forget the past and look at the future!


By Namit Varma As the United States grapples with recession, the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress began taking stock of the Bush administration’s policy decisions, including the Iraq Occupation and expenditures and growth-sapping hidden costs there of. Associated Press reported on 14 November 2007 that “hidden costs such as interest payments on the money borrowed to pay for the wars, lost investment, the … Continue reading IMMIENT FINANCIAL CRISIS – NOVEMBER 21ST, 2007