Is our country great? or yet to be made great? Answer to these questions pinches our mind once in blue moon only when a big damage is done to our country. You may be wondering if I ask u why they are posed to only leaders not to people, the reason behind this is leaders are the one who represent us as we are all busy to discuss our personal matters. If they do wrong? Who are to be questioned, leaders or people? The general answer that strikes our mind is “leaders”. According to me they are not be blamed because we are the one who elected them and it’s our duty to elect a good leader. Its some thing like if a child does mistake repeatedly child should not be blamed in fact parents are to be blamed as they didn’t have proper observation and care on child. So when we are not properly observing what kind of person our leader is and the capability he has, what all the right do we have to blame them?

What to do then?

You might be thinking of what has to be done? One suggestion I would like to present, is to punish them! Here I don’t mean say any sort of physical attack on them, just keep them away from power. This will be a lesson to all the leaders who represent and would make them corrupt less. There would be a specific time for any change to happen. Lets wait for the time to come to clear all these weeds off. We are very fortunate that for us time is on our side that it is coming for every 5 years once to punish them and make our lives better on our own in the form of Elections. So let’s utilize our authority or more precisely show what people can do and with what extent they can do, when leaders go wrong,  by the powerful weapon “vote”.

As lord Krishna said whenever adharma prevails he would  take birth and demolish adharma and establish dharma! We know that God is present in every jiva. The intrersection of the above statements result in – “we are now Krishna and adharma is in the form of our leaders so lets pulverize adharma and establish dharma”. To do this we are provided with sudharshana chakra in the form of vote, so lets clear the adharma and establish the society of divinity which is completely in our hand. So its left to us to decide whether we want a society of adharama or a society of dharma which makes our lives better. In order to make our country ‘ramarajyam’ please utilize your vote.

“Sarve jana sukinobhavantu“


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