Once I got a chance to visit an ashram in Hardwar. There I stayed for almost ten days enjoying the beauty of nature especially in the banks of Ganges. I got a chance to visit Patanjali Yoga Peetam too. There, when I visited the pharmacy to buy some medicines, I found a lame person, with clutches in his hands, standing in a queue to buy medicines. And I was the third one after him in the queue. Just then I heard the conversation between the staff and this person. He was a very poor person, who even did not enough money to buy his medicines. . He  had a letterfrom the management, reading that the medicines are to be provided at 50% off. He was arguing that he was asked to get medicines free of cost! But the staff at the pharmacy refused to provide him free medicines, since it was mentioned in the letter that it has to provided at only 50%off. Meanwhile , the man behind him asked him to buy the medicines for which he would pay. But the lame refused to take any help from him and just left.  He then said that he would buy those medicines after three months.  By then he would probably be able to save some money for his medicines!I was struck by the self respect he had!  I could not control my tears. I wished to help him some how! . But actually, I too had no money of myself. I really did not wish to use others’ money for this since I was bound to my principles, ideals. I was not a earning person. I believed in donating others only what is ours and we had no right to donate from others money! I then got into dilemma. I for some time felt very helpless and tears rolled out! But I had to help him some how! Just then, a thought flashed in my mind. I looked into my purse. I found a few rupees which I had, to buy medicines for my mother. Mind said do not use her money. Heart said, you should help him some how and do use the money! I listened to my heart, thinking that I shall return her money later. I found the need of medicines to that person more important than my principles! I just decided to buy him medicines. I just got back to him and requested him that I would buy him medicines. But he again refused and said he was not interested in taking help from anyone and does not need any sympathy! I had decided anyway to help him and was not ready to get back! . Then I asked him to do some work for me for the money I give him. He again refused. I just put my hands on his shoulders and said “ Bhaiyya aap mujhe apna behan samajh ke lelo na plz..(please consider me as your sister and accept my money)”  After a discussion for almost 15minutes, he at last agreed! I very happily went to the counter and first bought medicines for my mother and later gave the prescription of my new brother and asked how much it would cost! After the discount it would cost  just 150 rupees which I really did not have! There is a procedure in that pharmacy  before we could buy medicines. And this especially, needed to be xeroxed and again many other procedures since it had 50% off! I was asked to get it xeroxed, but there was no xerox nearby, and had to go too far for that since the one nearby was under repair! As I was thinking what to do, another staff member turned to me, since it was a discussion at the counter and asked what actually the problem was. The staff attending me told him everything in detail. By then, the staff who enquired about me, just told me to take the medicines and no money is required for that! He had a discussion with the person attending me and told that there was no need to pay! At that point I really got stunned!
How God really helps every kid of his! He understood the situation in which I was. , He gave me a chance to think of others who are in need of  help! He did not make me go against my principles and my desire to help,and even got medicines to that poor fellow! He brought me out of my helpless state. I felt myself blessed even though I was not the one who helped him, it was that staff member at the pharmacy! I at least tried to help him and somehow he got his medicines. My eyes were filled with tears since I was somehow able to make my dear brother agree! He thanked me for his medicines and I thanked God for his kindness.  I then asked him if he needed some more money for his travel. He had 40 rupees with him and I just kept 20rupees in his hand and left, since I had not much money of my own  to spend! The whole day, I was filled with happiness and a kind of eternal bliss! And I was able to come out of many of my tensions I had that day! How wonderfully Lord works! I then understood that He, every moment will be with his children, helping them. But we are so ignorant that we do not look at it, understand  his kindness!

-Sharadha  Prabhanjana 


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  1. your experience is to be shared to every one.
    I wish it is the helpless man got benefited. In fact you are benefited. You have seen the god in him. You could not identify him i feel. you are given an opportunity to find the presence of god. How lucky you are. Staying in rishikesh, visiting ashrams and getting interacted with learned sadhus. Listen to their experiences through their teachings. I am so envious of you
    God bless you and wish so many experiences to come in future and become close to god.
    with all regards


    1. bharathiya sandesh says:

      Namaste sirji! Dhanyawaadam! U might be true. I probably could not recognize God in him! Any way I was given a chance! Thats equally good i feel. But I am not staying in Rishikesh now. I just visited. And I am really happy that God gave me a chance to help some one in need!


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