-By Krishna Bhatta Ghanapaati 

Why Gauri and Ganapathy  are worshipped on successive days?Why first Gauri and then Ganapathy? Such festivals  many times symbolise many hidden thoughts. One of the points of views can be as below:

According to Niruktha, written by Yaskacharya, ‘gana’  means ‘वाक् ‘..  speech and ‘pathy’ means ‘Lord’.  So Ganapathy can be termed as Vakpathy..

According to Nirukta, Gauri represents vak. There are four types of speech.. paraa, pashyanti, madhyama and vaikhari.

These four levels of sound correspond to four states of consciousness.

Paraa represents the transcendental consciousness.

Pashyanti represents the intellectual consciousness.

Madhyama represents the mental consciousness.

And Vaikhari represents the physical consciousness.

These states of consciousness correspond with the four states known technically as jagrat, svapna, susupti, and turiya – or the wakeful state, the dreaming state, the dreamless state, and the transcendental state.

चत्वारि वाक् परिमिता पदानि तानि विदु: ब्राह्मणा ये मनीषिण:

गुहा त्रीणि निहिता नेङ्गयन्ति तुरीयं वाचो मनुष्या वदन्ति ||Rgveda

The higher three forms of shabda are described in the Rig Veda as hidden in “guha”, or within the self, whereas the forth is the external manifested speech, known as laukika bhasha.

Here the first three kinds of speech represent Gauri(vak), since they together are like a mother, who gives birth to vaikhari, which comes next! That is Ganesha, can be said, who seems to have taken birth from gauri. So they both come successively.. this represents the celebration of these two festivals, first gauri and then ganesha!

Gauri is in a guha(den), that is inside the body. That is.. para which originates in the muladhara chakra (nabhi),reaches the heart(manipura chakra) to take the form of pashyanti and then takes the next form   madhyama. So Gauri can be considered as the darkness.

Vaikahari is the final level of speech which takes its origin from the other three. And it can be considered as Ganesha, who is believed to have taken birth from Gauri. So he comes next to Gauri and the festival is also celebrated in the same way.

Gauri and Ganapathy represent speech in total!

Can anyone tell why Ganapathy is worshipped first in all ceremonies? Why does he get the agra puja?

According to the Taittireeya Upanishad, the cycle of creation is mentioned as below..

…...आकाशससंभूत:  आकाशात् वायु: वायोरग्नि: अग्नेराप: ……. अन्नात पुरुष:-(taitthireeya upanishath)

Ether is supposed to have taken the first origin. From ether, the air(vayu) takes birth. Then agni(fire). From agni water(jala tatva); from jala earth; from earth, vegetation; from vegetation food(anna); From annam  finally life!

शब्दगुणकं  आकाशं (tharka shaasthra) that is ether.  Ether represents sound. The whole universe is generated from sound! that is omkaara.pranava swaroopa. Since Ganapathy represents this sound, he is supposed to get the first puja. And the first forms of sound are the Vedic hymns(mantras), they deserve the first puja, which in later stages, got the form of Ganesha! If we observe, the form of Ganesha deeply, we can notice that it is in the form of  ‘Om’


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