Ambliara kingdom




Ambliara Princely state is a Songara dynasty rajputs in gujarat establishing state in reign of Mughal Emperoe Aurangzeb in 1619 through maharaj Krishnadasji Sonigara descended of Rani Popadevi of jalore now Ambliara in sabarkantha agency in gujarat..

A prominent Rajput race and bastion in Rajasthan reduced by Alauddin was Chauhan Khanhadadev Sonigara’s Kingdom of Jalore. The first penetration of the Khalji forces into Jalore was conducted as early as the third year of Sultans ‘reign. The objective however, was the invasion of Gujarat. On their return march from Gujarat, there was a serious uprising in the Muslim army near Jalore over the issue of distribution of one – fifth of the spoils. Many rebellious Muslims, when hard pressed, fled to join the adjoining Raos and Rajas.

Kanhadadev Sonigara’s independent existence and hostile attitude attracted the attention of the Sultan in 1305 when Delhi troops marched towards Jalore and besieged the fortress. The “Kanhadadevaprabandha” and other Rajput accounts mentions in detail the defense preparations carried on by the Sonigaras. The garrison was subjected to starvation and utmost misery. Flames of Jauhar rose high in which Sonigara queens consigned themselves. Kanhadadev Sonigara came out of the fortress and died fighting against the Imperial forces in 1311-12 A.D.

Clans of Sonigara Chouhan 1. Maansinghot Sonigara 2. Bhansinghot Sonigara 3. Roopsinghot Sonigara 4. akheirajsinghot sonigara


 Ambliara state founded in 1619

  • AREA: 207 km 
  • STATE: Bombay (now Gujarat)
  • PRIVY PURSE:  26,000Rs
  • DYNASTY: Songara Chauhan
  • REVENUE: 135,225Rs 


1689 – 1724                                             Roop Singhji

1724 - 1773                Moghaji
1773 - 1796                Bhalji
1796 - ....                Bhathhiji
.... - ....                Naathu Singhji
.... - 1876
                Amar Singhji                       (b. 1838 - d. 1876)
1876 - 1908                Jhalamsinghji Amarsinghji          (b. 1860 - d. 1908)
1908 - 1947                Keshrisinghji Jalamsinghji         (b. 1887 - d. 1963)


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