Avukuis a mandal in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India.Owk is famous for one of the largest caves called Belum caves. Here we can find famous temple of lord Chennakeshava, belongs to the Great Sri Krishna Deva Raya era. We can also find famous avatar of Adisakti worshiped as Mulamma.


The former Zamindars trace their origins back to the 15th century when an ancestor named Bukka obtained the Zamindar from the Raja of Vijayanagar. Around the time of Pedda Krishnam Raju the Rayas of Vijayanagar were overthrown by the Sultans, who also reduced the size of their Zamindar. Around 1771, there were no direct heirs left so the widow of Appa Narashima adopted Narayana, a relative from the Nandyala clan to succeed. Narayana was deposed by the Hyderabad Nawab and removed to Cuddapah, dying in Srirangapatnam.

Time line of rulers:

1481                       Avuku state

1805                       Annexed to Haydarabad.

1691 - 1735                Pedda Kumara Raghava
1735 - 1737                Appa Naransinha
1737 - 1739                Shellama
1739 - 1743                Narasinha II
1743 - 1751                Kishama
1751 - 1759                Olajapati II
1759 - 1767                Kumara Raghava
1767 - 1771                Venkata Narasinha
1771 - 1785                Narayana
1785 - 1805                Krishna


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