असहाय: पुमानेक: कार्यान्तं नाधिगच्छति |

तुषेणापि विनिर्युक्त: तण्डुलो न प्ररोहति ||

अन्वय: –

एक: पुमान्  असहाय: कार्यान्तं  न अधिगच्छति

(यथा) तुषेण विनिर्युक्त:  तण्डुल:  अपि  न प्ररोहति

Just like a rice grain which can not grow without the chaff on it, a person alone can not succeed in his work without the help of others.

For a rice  grain or a corn to grow or to sprout into a new plant, it needs the help of the chaff on it. Neither the grain nor the chaff alone can be responsible for the  development of a plant. Its just with the combination of the two a plant comes into existence.  Like wise, no one can achieve a goal without the help of others. Its a combined effort of many that a work gets done, it becomes fruitful.

Its true in case of everything. A country can flourish only if everyone joins hands with each other and work for a common cause that is complete freedom ! But what are we witnessing today?? No one is bothered to work for a social cause! They just think of themselves, their family and close friends!

As the subhashitha reads, the British got to know that we could easily reach our goal of complete freedom if  we are united! So they cleverly planned to divide and create differences among people, between castes, between kingdoms,  and even between family members! When we concentrate on the activities of British, anyone can get a clear picture of this. Even differences were created among the males and females, so that they all keep hating each other or keep quarreling  for their supremacy.

With the same intention, a wide gap was created between the rich and the poor,   teachers and students too! They knew that education was the very backbone of this nation. So to end up the teacher- student tradition, which actually bonded the teachers and students, the education system was changed forcibly.

The result of all these is what we see today! Non-cooperation in every phase of the society. No one, not  even a husband and  wife  are ready to stand together for a common cause! Those with knowledge are not ready to come to help the ignorant! Every one is almost selfish!

With such a situation, how can we even dream of building a strong nation or the welfare of mankind? If we still stay ignorant, we are going to witness a day when  there would probably be no human life on earth, since everyone would destroy the other!

Especially we Indians need to understand the technique behind every action of the British to keep us their slaves even today! So please rise up! awake! Start contributing your part to the welfare of the society! It does not mean to hold a sword in hand and jump into action! Just start putting an end to the differences. No one on this earth is great alone! Each one is great in his own way! Understand this, start respecting each other and love every life on earth!

Start sharing your knowledge with the needy, of course according to the capability one has, to take it! .  Make everyone feel proud of his existence, respect himself, since every creation of God is unique! Please help in educating people in its true sense  ( i mean not the present schooling which is certificate oriented and not merit oriented) Let us help each other, teach, inspire each other to make our common dream of complete freedom come true!

The(moral education indeed is the most powerful weapon  which can wash away all the evils on this earth!


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