The best friends and the worst enemies in life!

 न च विद्यासमो बन्धुर्न  च व्याधिसमो रिपु: |

न चापत्यसम: स्नेही न च धर्मो दयापर: ||

अन्वय: –

  विद्यासम:  न बन्धु: (च)  व्याधिसम: रिपु: न |

  अपत्यसम: स्नेही न (च) दया अपर:(दयया विना ) न धर्म:||

There is no better relative like education, no enemy like a disease, no better friend like an offspring, no other virtue other than mercy!

A relative becomes worthy only when he stays with us at all times, helps us at all times, shoulders us at  times when we have problems. But in general, most of those related to us never stay with us in difficult times. Many of them will  be jealous of us too  in our good times! Who other than education can be with us at all times?? both at times of happiness and sorrows? It guides us through every situation, helps us . So it is the only best relative we can ever find!

A disease actually if not neglected at early stages, can be considered a friend who actually tries to speak out the problem our body is facing! but if not attended at time, helplessly becomes a foe who dares not to take away life too!

An offspring is actually our best friend indeed, since he/she is the one who almost all the time stay with parents since birth, read every change on the patent’s face, heart! And know better what actually is good or bad, what actually brings happiness or sorrow to the parents! This is the actual intimacy the child is supposed to have with a parent. But is this true in today’s situation? It is left to the readers to think!

A child since birth is taught to live separate, think separate( a western thought being widely, happily followed by Indians too now a days) They are always kept away from parents with a blind belief that they are teaching their kids independent behaviour!The kids since a very young age, miss the secured hug of the parents most of the time. They have no time to spend for their kids. Today’s biggest problem is the greed of parents to earn and earn, only earn lakhs of rupees, which they consider would bring happiness and comfprts to their kids! (What other than a hug of love would bring more happiness or comfort to our offsprings?While other set of parents are  interested in building their career! With this in mind, they just forget their responsibility towards their children. I would like to question such parents, when they are just career oriented or just wish to earn lots of money, why do they need marriage or children?? Isn’t it the ultimate form of selfishness??  Isn’t this nature in both men and women creating a gap between them? Not every one has the necessity to earn. It is possible to lead a life happily in just one earning, if they are really educated and less greedy and believe in the theorem ‘ simple living high thinking!’ And one more evil which is spoiling society today is the present education system! But still if people stop running behind convents for education, which they consider the best sources of education, most of the problems get solved!It’s better if we at least now understand that today’s schools and colleges are just business centres and not at all sources of education! Also they just create money making machines and not good human beings!!

If this is the case, how can kids get bonded with the parents! How can they expect their offsprings to understand them, when they fail to understand their own children?(The care takers, maids understand better than the parents today!)  Then how can an offspring be a best friend of his /her parents today?

And there is no better virtue, no better religion other than mercy! A dharma should accept, teach, preach mercy! If there is any such dharma without mercy, then its not at all dharma! Mercy is the best religion indeed!


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  1. bhupatshoot says:

    Every person over the World has been integrated through new technology and mass media. A person or family can’t live without the effect of mainstream. On the other side absolute individual freedom created alienation of husband and wife, this has broken family and community. The tradition of joint family is almost broken, people living alone are in hypertension.
    निरीह children and वर्द्ध, story of every home. The Way Forward Is that the शर्वनाश !
    What are to be followed, implemented, required from culture, society and folk people legal framework, which ware based upon the community based relationship, i.e. reciprocal, interdependence and integrated freedom based life values and traditions, are to be restorated with use of scientific technology.

    The community based civic values are to be recognised, re-framed and provided legal, judicial and semi-judicial powers for the responsibility and right to be performed in decentralization process and channel with centralization in some affairs and systematically that should be move towards taking over control of society by the people themselves. That will pave the way for equitable, justifiable, peaceful, sensitive, responsible, understandable and honest alternative society order without exploitation.

    We should make it clear that there is difference in religion and DHARMA (rights and responsibility to the society). Religion and DHARMA is not synonyms. DHARMA includes all sects, doctrines, majhab and panths and they are being names as religion which is not correct. Actually their is nothing which is to be called as religion. There is no conflict and clash between Dharma and different sects, they are the part. As per religion definitions, (which is wrong interpretation and translation of DHARMA) all sects are independent and are called religion. In this way there is war of supremacy among all sects. This is one of the root cause of social conflict between different society and civilization and if still we will stick to that dogma then we should have to prepare our self for disasters awaiting us.

    In our Indian popular word is DHARMA and in the other dialect it is their own word. We should make it clear that their is difference in religion and DHARMA or different names in dialect of the mother tongue (rights and responsibility to the society). Religion and DHARMA or different names in dialect of the mother tongue (rights and responsibility to the society) are not synonyms. DHARMA or different names in dialect of the mother tongue includes all sects, doctrine and panths and while they are being names as religion which is not correct.

    Actually there is nothing which is to be called as religion. The word is latter given by Europeans.


  2. bhupatshoot says:

    Please write your more opinion that why there is a such kind of situation of female in our society? What is the actual meaning and definition of individual and freedom? What should male and female have status in the family. In the alternative society what kind of family and its rules, values, moral, conduct, behavior and manner we shall have to adopt?


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