State flag                               Royal flag


Balasinor (also referred to as Vadasinor) is a town located in the Kheda district, in Gujarat, India. Formerly a princely state of the Babi(Yusufzai Pathan) dynasty, it was created in 28 Sep 1758 out of the Junagadh Babis (famously related to Parveen Babi of Bollywood fame). The current nawab  is HH Nawab Babi Shri Muhammed Salabat Khanji II (who happened to be the only Babi gone to Mumbai to claim Parveen Babi’s body on her death). The Heir and son of Nawab Saheb is Nawabzada Sultan Salauddinkhan Babi, born 1979 and educated at the Rajkumar College, Rajkot. The Royal family run their residence “the Garden Palace” as a warm homestays heritage hotel! They can be contacted for staying at this palace. Also a luxury camp ” Camp Dinosaur” a unit of Kasbah Camps is being run there in the palace premises.

Another famous Princess of the Kingdom is Nawabzadi Aaliya Sultana Babi, who in 2009 travelled to Ingatestone in the UK to find a husband. Her trip was recorded in BBC Three’s Undercover Princesses. The scion of this family, (Prince)Nawabzada Sultan Salauddinkhan Babi participated in a similar show in the Netherlands in 2010 in which he was trying to find a wife.He lived and worked in Amsterdam.The show is currently on air on SBS6 in the Netherlands. Its called “Coming to Holland”

28 Sep 1758                Balasinor state founded.

Rulers timeline: (title Nawab Shri Babi):

28 Sep 1758 - 17..         Muhammad Khanji Bahadur Khanji
17.. - ....                Jamiyat Khanji Muhammad Khanji
.... - May 1820            Salabat Khanji Jamiyat Khanji      (d. 1820)
May 1820 - 1822            Abid Khanji
1822 -  2 Dec 1831         Jalal Khanji (Edal Khanji)         (d. 1831)
 2 Dec 1831 - 30 Nov 1882  Zorawar Khanji                     (b. 1828 - d. 1882)
 2 Dec 1831 - 20 May 1841  Shri Yamuna Bibi                   (d. 1841)
                             Sahiba (f) -Regent
30 Nov 1882 - 24 Mar 1899  Munawar Khanji Zorawar Khanji      (b. 1846 - d. 1899)
24 Mar 1899 -  2 Feb 1945  Jamiyat Khanji Munawar Khanji      (b. 1894 - d. 1945)
                             (suspended from Feb 1938) 
24 Mar 1899 -  9 Nov 1915  .... -Regent

 2 Feb 1945 - 15 Aug 1947  Muhammad Salabat Khan II           (b. 1944)
2 Feb 1945 - 15 Aug 1947  .... -Regent


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