Author: Priyanka

In this busy world, no one have enough time to think of god for a few minutes unless they are in difficulties. They pray god Just to make them always happy, not facing any problems, living a luxurious life. God has such a magnificent love towards all the creatures that he provides everything we need. But what in return we are offering to our lord? What god expects from us? Nothing he expects except self less love to all, self less service and acting righteously.

God showers his warmth love to each and everyone. If you take one step ahead god, god takes ten steps towards you. Means that if you do any work that god appreciates you, god will take up your work ten steps fast. God is the true, real friend of ours. He will always be within you, around you, beside you. What all we need is to call him or pray to him whole heartedly. What all we need is to pray god sincerely for his love and to be at his divine lotus feet. So one should be grateful to our divine lord. Should spare  some  of our time to pray for him. Not for mundane riches, but pray compassionately for his  eternal love.

God is everywhere. In the work we do and in duties we perform. One should feel the work what ever we have engaged is god’s work and do it in a right way. One should see god in their own work and others work. And what god expects in turn from the students is to get name and fame for their country, parents, by  developing  good character. Develop the attitude of love and service in all the hearts of people. This is what god expects from students.

A student should act righteously in every work he does. Then he will be doing his dharma. One should always speak and go righteously then he said to be the path of sathya. One should be always happy then he attains shanthi. One should have loveliness towards all. Here he attains the quality of love. And automatically follows ahimsa. One should develop all the above qualities in him to build his character.

So, ultimate thing in our life is god. One should not forget him in his life and should pray to god along with accomplishing his duties.

       “Love all serve all”


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