The Russian scientists of Bushehr project face death in plane crash!

UntitledIn June, 2011 there happened a plane crash in the northwest Russia, as per official official records the reason has been portrayed as the failure in planes lights due to heavy fog. In this plane clash 45 people died among which the biggies Nikolay Trunov, Gennady Banyuk, Valery Lyalin, Gennady Banyuk, Sergey Ryzhov and Andrei Trokinov were the topnotch nuclear scientists who worked for the Iran’s prestigious Bushehr project. This incident has subjected to suspicion regarding involvement of west because of two facts:

  1.  Russia was severely criticized by the west for its cooperation offered to Iran in building nuclear reactor and training Iranian    scientists in nuclear science.
  2. The assassination of Iranian  nuclear scientists who were involved in Bushehr project

please do refer the link below to link with this subject:



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