Need to impose ban on colored and exceedingly large Ganesh idols to save water

Ganesh Chaturthi is one festival that brings a lot of joy in everyone, right from small kids to old people where everyone starts chanting “Ganapathi Bappa Morya”. This joy and love for Ganesha brings all classes and sects of people under one roof and arrange Ganesha idol in every street and in every apartment in the city.
Thinking why immersion part of the festival?

Ganesh Chaturthi festival happens in the rainy season,  to accommodate saving more water in the lakes. The clay and mud in the lakes are removed, this increases the depth of the clay and facilitates storage of more water. This unearthed clay is sprinkled over in the farms as this soil is more fertile and also with the same clay Ganesh idol is made. After 11 days of time, clay Ganesh along with the 32 types of medicinal leaves are disposed of in lake shore. These medicinal leaves cleanse the water in the lake. Depositing clay Ganesh in the shore increases the height of shore, which will avoid the overflow of the water in the lake, in the case of heavy rains.

Every emotion has a strict fine line, which when crossed results to be hazardous, the same applies here too. The outrageous joy is going too mad that the height of Ganesha’s idol is going too high and also too many artificial colors used in making non-clay Ganesha idol (made of plaster of Paris) is causing humongous water pollution. It is to be recalled that no statras or Vedas do claim to celebrate festivals that damage nature.

In Hyderabad, immersion happens in Hussain Sagar Lake; believe it not, in a 4.4 Km2 lake, last year nearly 200+ idols were immersed resulting in a wastage of 9,000 Metric Tons and killing of many water species. Last year the only government has allotted 100 crores for cleaning the lake, which is for sure going to go in vain because of this most unthoughtful act of people. Irrespective of facing huge drinking water scarcity in the city,  We are desperately killing our own environment wantedly!!!  It shows the kind of literacy that prevails in the so-called metro city.  We say save nature and do many marathon runs, 10k run, 54k run and what not???? The result of all these actions is: we are spoiling the place where we live in, it’s like punching with finger our own eyes!!!

What I am left to stay this state of this so called highly educated class of metropolitan society???

Goveranemt has to take some serious action  on this issue and ban plaster of Paris and colored idols, above all government has to impose stringent action on the height of Ganesh. This situation is no different in other parts of the country, so at a central level, a policy has to be drafted to control this illogical faith resulting in water pollution.

Every article has an ending, so I end this article with “GODS MUST CRAZY DUDE!!!”


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