Pakistan Spy Arrested by Delhi police

A Pakistan spy named Mehmood Akhtar was taken into custody by the Delhi police. Police have been closely studying his activities and found that he was trying to gather some critical information and send to Pakistan. In his interrogation, he revealed that he is working in Pakistan High commission office in India as a visa office since two and half years i.e. Jan-2013. He with a changed name of Mehaboob Rajput was operating in India. The most surprising thing is he even holds Aadhar card too. This came as a big shock to the police and took over files he possesses.

The greatness of Indian government lies here, as our country respected his intentions to work for his country and set him free and asked to leave India within next 48 hours. With the tensions rising very high, it is very required for the intelligence forces to be fully alert.

Below are the Aadhar Card details of the spy:

mbr mbr2


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