Terror Groups Infiltrations Countered By Indian Army Near LOC

Terror Groups Infiltrations Countered By Indian Army Near LOC

On Sunday we have evidenced terror attack on Indian troops in Uri where 18 soldiers were killed and 17 were injured. Even before India has completely recovered from the attack, today two major infiltrations of heavily armed terrorists across the LOC border were observed by the Indian army; one around Lachipura and another in Naugam. The army attacked these terrorists and killed all of them. This is definitely a great recovery and counter-attack by the Indian army. This raises one severe question:

After such a severe attack in that region, it is so natural to expect that security would be definitely very tight in that region. In such cases, how come terrorist across the border so easily? Would they lack the very basic understanding that security will be strong in this region? This raises the basic question of, Did Indian army killed terrorists? Or is this a government woven story?

If we imagine that this is not the story narrated by the government, then it results in a serious question of; even after such a serious attack, how come terrorist cross LOC and enter into Indian soil that too in the place where the attack happened? This also poses another question on the efficiency of the border forces and our security and Intel agencies?

It is known fact that Pakistan, though signed treaty of not firing across the LOC, violated the treaty many times despite the serious warnings too. In these cases where mutual agreements don’t work, it is mandated for India to be very serious on its border security and moreover very much need for Indian security agencies to work attentively across the borders to alert our border forces about the things going to happen.

This article of mine is published in Alertinfo.in


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