The sudden terror attack on the 12th brigade military camp in Uri, baramulla district, by 4 terrorists resulted in the death of 17 soldiers and 19 soldiers injured very badly. The soldiers didnt have any chance too fireback, such was this well planned attack. This is one the brutal attacks ever happened and raises questions on Indian Security agency abilities. This portrays the poor defense strengthening atmosphere by the Indian government to counter the terrorism and moreover to safeguard its soldiers from terrorists. This is not the first time Modi-led government behaving so, even the attack on our airbase Pathankot where the terrorists from Pakistan were able to hit India’s biggest air base bypassing complete security and led their attack by killing 7 soldiers.

Followed by this happened Pampore attack, wherein 8 soldiers were killed and 24 were badly wounded.

For all three attacks, government expresses their anger and salutation to falsify people with their patriotic acting skills.

It’s recorded that thirty-five soldiers were killed and one thousand seven hundred forty soldiers were injured badly in this year alone. Apart from these 1700 civilians were also badly injured along with the soldiers. This was stated by our Union Minister Rajanath Singh, whom people treat as Sardar valuable Patel of modern India.

The government says salutes martyred, feels proud by offering salutations, gives money and saves we are with you! The reaction from the public is funnier, wherein everyone shows their aggression by lighting candles instead of questioning why the hell are we failing to counter these terror attacks? Why not, even once the masterminds of terror attacks were neither killed nor punished? Instead, some “Chota Mota chamchas” were caught and even they are fed till they die in the jail with VIP treatments.

How funny is the reaction showered by the government on these issues, can be best understood by the twittering abilities of our PM, where our PM uses his social skills to express his salutes to the killed soldiers through twitter. Find the below screen shot:


Instead of showing his social networking skills and wasting time in social networking, it would be more encouraging if Modi can display his so-called international relations abilities to churn out something constructive. Modiji has become a more effective dialogue writer and speaker than an action hero.  It appears that all his cabinet is following his footsteps, where even an IITan turned defense minister Manohar Parrikar reacting to Pakistan-backed terrorism stated that “Pakistan ko Mirchi lagi hai, wo bhi Andhra ki”. It appears that Indian cinema influence is not only in public alone, it has a huge impact on politicians than normal public.

Our PM has been touring very heavily to strengthen foreign relations, though it’s a positive move, appears to be yielding results and reminds of What is it we achieved even after spending some thousands of crores in international tours by our PM? Our PM toured China many times, even now we see china backing Pakistan to counter India.  This also portrays the clear failure of our intelligence and security agencies. I strongly believe our agencies have indomitable abilities to kick any send any sort of terror minds into the graveyards to lay down dead, but what is stopping them is what brings in the lack of security policy issues. I pray to god bring in some awareness at least now for them to awake and send a strong message very heavily to all the countries operating terror activities.

 I Don’t Say May Those Soldiers Souls Rest In Peace Because I Am Sure That Their Souls Will Never Rest In Peace Until They See Their Future Generation’s Safe And See No Further Killings Of Their Fellow Soldiers.

 Jai Hind, I Say, Not In Proud, But I Say With a big Heavy Heart of tears (and hatred on myself for not being in a position to protect these great and real sons of Mother Bharat) and For These Soldiers Who Made Their Families Orphans And Left This World Due To Inefficiency And Negligence Act Of Elected Leaders!!!

 I write this article not to blame government, rather requesting to work for the safety of people and especially poor soldiers who are just giving away life for nothing but this piece of land which they believed in as their MOTHER!!!

This article of mine is published in Alertinfo.in


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