Wikileaks Set Hillary in Trouble;Trump Gains Little Over Hillary

The heat of US Presidential election fight, between Democratic representative Hillary and Republican representative Trump, is going on in a tough manner. Though debates are appearing to give an upper hand to Hillary, but the recent Hillary Email leakages by the Wikileaks and FBI’s decision to carry on the investigation in a full swing came as a huge setback and indeed its a massive blow!

Trump has been voicing heavy support to the Native Americans, this has been the only mantra he is using to gain votes. Though this sounds to be good for Americans, but Non-Americans too hold a huge share of population and this is the setback for Trump. There were few reports stating that Hillary team is even going to an extent where they can rig the voting machines too.

The important thing to notice is that even though Americans feel Trump not very much effective, but his Hillary’s email leaks and slogan “America for Americans” coming as a strong point for Trump. We see that the complete Media and Intelligence agencies are trying hard to promote and bring in TRUMP to save Native Americans.  Surprisingly, even International circles have been voicing for Trump, recently even Putin has been voicing Trump to be more efficient than anyone.

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