Disruptions and Adjournments Waste the Parliament Winter sessions: I want to resign says Advani

Disruptions and Adjournments Waste the Parliament Winter sessions: I want to resign says Advani

Winter sessions of Loksabha in parliament house were wasted just with disruptions and adjournments. The surprising thing is when oppositions are demanding an explanation on demonetization none of the ministers or MP’s of BJP bothered to answer and moreover complete sessions went on as a blame game. It is to be recalled that in 12 days of parliament sessions it costs 25 crores and each minute of a parliament session costs 2.5 lakhs, which is not a small amount indeed. It is observed that only 28% of the time only house went on properly.

The most pathetic thing is Parliamentary affairs minister Mr. Ananth Kumar himself found in no proper tone to conduct the parliament in a proper way. This winter session portrayed the inability of the speaker Smt. Sumitra Mahajan to control the parliament, she looks no way interested in running the discussion, rather she is more inclined towards adjournment of the sessions. The most ironic thing is Social Media hero Mr. Modi didn’t even bother to attend the Parliament sessions and respond to opposition. He has time to attend public meetings and to tweet some punch dialogues but spares no time to attend parliament.

This situation was even opposed the BJP political legend Advani himself. He expressed his anguish regarding BJP’s lack of commitment to conducting parliament in the right direction. Seeing irresponsibility of BJP even in this winter sessions, he responded very harshly by stating that”I FEEL LIKE RESIGNING TO LOKSABHA”. This is not the first warning he gave to BJP ministers, on December 7th he stated (Source: TOI) “neither the Speaker nor the parliamentary affairs minister was running the House”. Even during the parliamentary sessions, he called upon Smriti Irani, Rajanath Singh Sumitra Mahajan, and Ananth Kumar personally, which none of even bothered to listen. He has been voicing that the government listen to the opposition and convey their argument also insisted that this is not winning or losing the game.

Let’s hope BJP ministers listen to their senior and care to conduct the parliament sessions properly to discuss public problems. They speak one side about public money exploitation. By not conducting sessions properly, they are wasting public money of nearly 28 crores. This is a mere sin indeed. Ministers do you properly and then ask the country to do its job properly.

This article was published in Alertinfo.in


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