modiji can you fix up our country name

Modiji can you fix up our country name first!

Commitment can be called so when it turns out in action.. What is the use of just words sir. Rome demolished complete British built things and they built Rome from every small brick. Can India build everything on its own rather than selling away country wealth in the name of make in India. What we need is made by India not MAKEUP India..80% FDI in defense, 100% FDI in telecommunications. Farming is being killed in the name of land acquisition and in the name of contract farming, the land is going to be sold to corporates and make India beg foreign countries even for grains not only for THE bloody outdated technology. 

keeping all these apart, when we visit any government office we see on the board written as”Government of India” in English and in Hindi as “Bharat sarkar”.  I just want to know what is our country name is it India or Bharat?

I request PM ji should concentrate on removing British translated (transformed) name India for Bharat. First time in the history of the world, no other country name has a synonym or the translated name for the country, except for us. Let’s make complete world call our country with the name BHARAT  than British given name of INDIA. This is my request as a citizen. This shows to the world that we too have individuality. Make the world realize that our country name is Bharat, not India. This will be a great tribute as a prime minister Mr. Modiji can get.

Moreover, this proves to the world that we do have individuality. Can this happen?


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