Who is behind funding the protests against Trump and Why!

Trump winning Presidential elections has come to a big shock to the Hillary and few international circles, specifically European Union (EU). Don’t be shocked if I mention EU as an enemy of Trump! This is because Putin has come to huge support in Trump winning the election. Especially, Trump decision to withdraw America support to the rebellions of Syrian and also stated that he will go any extent, wherein he is going in great friendship with Russia to fight hard in the destabilization of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and support Mr. Assad (Syrian President). Also, it appears that USA will no more proactively engage itself in supporting EU and NATO to wage wars unnecessarily to fulfill the power thirst of Britain lead EU.

This really irked the European Union, as they are trying hard to disturb Syrian country and gain control over it. Also, they are in much fear American business regimes would run out of control of their hand, which they have enjoyed over the years. Also, NATO forces which are getting moving very closer to Russian Border are also expected to be withdrawn with the pressure Mr.Trump is expected to build, as USA is the key in the NATO forces.

A Much worrying factor to EU is, in military expenditure, 80% of the income comes from the USA and this is going to be dammed by the Mr.Trump. This would weaken their hold in showcasing international dominance by many folds and ultimate making it small in front of Beast Russia.

All these worries lead the EU and its allies fund the protests in the USA against Trump in the name of Anti-Trump Slogans. To carry out protest of this large scale, it isn’t so easy and soo cheap. There should be some massive funding flowing into the USA to somehow destabilize the Trump rule and bring in their puppet Hillary, who can weave her tail to the song of the EU. Also there are enough voices coming regarding the EU funding many organizations to protest against TRUMP. Believe it or not, the same sort of situation happened when Putin for the first became president of Russia.


This article was published in Alertinfo.in


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