ISRO 104 Satellites Launch Scripts a Golden Period in World Space history

This stupendous feat of the ISRO scripted a remarkable chapter in the history of India and in specifically Indian Science and Technology. This act of ISRO placed India in the list of developed countries in the category of space technology. This even proved the supremacy of the India in Space.

This very act of ISRO was praised by the entire world. NY Times wrote that “The launch was high-risk because the satellites, released in rapid-fire fashion every few seconds from a single rocket as it traveled at 17,000 miles an hour, could collide with one another in space if ejected into the wrong path,” the paper noted” (Src: TOI)

London Times New Paper stated that “Many of India’s landmark missions have cost far less than their equivalents in Russia, Europe, and the US. Isro’s Mars mission cost $73 million, compared with Nasa’s Maven Mars launch, which came in at $671 million” (Src: TOI)

When all the Indian students, mostly IIT students, are eagerly running out to western countries thinking that research opportunities are more outside than in India, the complete world is now marching towards India to look at India’s scientific development. The most significant thing is, more than 70% of the ISRO scientists are not from IIT. For one batch of IIT students to come out government spends close to 100 crores and these IIT students, rather than making IIT as production house of innovations are making IIT as INDIAN INSITITUTE OF TRAVELERS. So my dear students, work hard and aim high, even if you are not from IIT’s you can become a scientist. If you are not from IIT, be proud, as one day you will make an IITan in NASA feel proud that he is proud of being Indian seeing your achievement in India.

I wholeheartedly Thank ISRO for motivating students (other than IITans) to aim bigger and achieve biggest, even in staying in India and even by being an Indian.JAI HIND.

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