Why Palaniswami was chosen by Sasikala Natarajan?

The twist in the tale of Tamil Nadu politics came with not Sasikala being jailed, rather Sasikala nominating Edappadi K Palaniswami as the AIADMK leader and proposed him for CM post. Palaniswami meeting governor claimed that he has enough support of MlA’s to form a government. This act gave an unbelievable shock to Pannerselvam. This led even the whole country to shock!!!!

Why Palaniswami was chosen has been the hot topic!

Tamil Nadu’s political representation has been making rounds around Gounder, Thevar, Vanniar strong social communities. The one who wins these communities hearts is supposed to come into power. Sasikala belongs to thevar community and Palaniswami belongs to Gounder community. Gounder community is stronger compared to thevar community. In AIADMK in total, there are 28 Gounder MLA’s and 20 Thevar MLAs. Since the Jayalalitha took over the power, though she is a brahmin, she gave importance to thevar community and won elections in 1991. With this, resistance from the Gounder community started building in the AIADMK. At a point of time, Palaniswami having a strong hold in the Gounder community was even considered to be CM by overthrowing Jayalalitha. Then Jayalalitha intelligently gave significant posts to Gounder community people in the ministries and tried to cool them, but still, the heat between the Thevar and Gounder communities within the parties continued to battle. This battle was prominent between Panneer Selvam and Palaniswami. Irrespective of this, Jayalalitha trusted Thevar community a lot and that is the reason why she always opted Panneerselvam to be CM in her absence.

That’s where the conflict between Palaniswami and Panneerselvam continued to stay alive for many years and made Palaniswami support Sasikala. Though Sasikala is a Thevar, she opted Palaniswami to lead the party and she thought that Palaniswami being a strong leader in the strong Gouder community would be the right person to counter Pannerselvam.

Now it’s time for the Governor to transform a spectator to the Roleplayer in the Drama.


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