Americans pharmacy claims that they discovered the medicine for cancer from red pine which they further claim the availability only in the US and Mexican belts. Dr. Le ThiXuan in June 1994, along with a group of researchers was able to find red pine trees in the eastern part of the Lam Vien plateau. This tree is widely grown in Himalayan regions too. The red pine found in Lam Dong province is an endemic species of Vietnam which has the concentration of 10 – DB III.

higher by ten times than the red pine in the US and hundreds of times higher than Mexican trees. It is observed that the disclaimers of cancer medicine, has been swiping off this species in the Himalayan region. The fact is nearly 10 red pine trees which were hundreds of years old in the Voi mountain area in DucTrong district were chopped off. So Vietnam government has decided to protect these killings of red pine and increase it in numbers.


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