Want to have Innovation Ecosystem within the Organization?

Want to have Innovation Ecosystem within the Organization? Go with “Innovation Bank”

Are you outsourcing Innovation?
Do you feel you are running out of budgets by outsourcing innovation?
Are you perplexed on how to deal with this situation?
Have any plans to promote in-house innovations and not able to manage it?
Then I would say that you are at the right place!

We present you here a structured solution to face and win over the roadblocks in achieving this titanic feat. After a thorough research, we present a multifaceted solution called “INNOVATION BANK”, which could be a whistle blower to the industry, which is tending to incorporate innovators within by promoting intrapreneurs.

What is Innovation Bank?

Innovation Bank is not to be presumed to be a database of Innovations, instead, it is to be thought of an ecosystem itself, where creative thoughts within the firm are collected and incubated into a full-fledged implementation that is economically bankable. This outlines the framework to develop “Intra-Entrepreneurship” within an organization. This dictates the elevation of futuristic economic scale and innovative strategy of an organization.

Innovation Bank Execution Model
3 Eyes of Innovation Bank
Eyes of Innovation
Identify the real talent in the organization

Let’s them freely think and come with Innovative things and
Finally Incubate innovative Innovations with necessary infrastructure to bring it into reality.

What features does it Avail to an organization?

1. Cross-Functional Team Culture

The prettiness of this Innovation bank is that it leverages the company’s grids to join forces for information exchange and collaboration, thereby enabling the delivery of efficient work and strengthening the organizational web. To deal with the innovative Innovations across the company, it enables the development of functional groups comprising the representatives of all the teams. This empowers the knowledge sharing and coordination across various teams. These groups provide a wider understanding and help to foster the process of evaluating solutions.

2. Intra-Entrepreneurs Ecosystem

To cultivate the art of entrepreneurship within the organization requires the alteration of employee ecosystem itself, which in turn requires revising of the corporate culture and empower the individuals down the hierarchy to come forward and express their innovative Innovations. This requires the organizations to run through a proper assessment program over their teams to identify the employee’s aptitudes and develop them to an entrepreneur to their own Innovation. This situation enables an organization losing creative employees, who often tend to go out and start their own business due to lack of encouragement within the organization. This culture of promoting startups within an organization will enable the organization to grow multifold in terms of area of business operations and the economy too.

This principles the development of an ecosystem, which results in the creation of a cluster of entrepreneurs within an organization. This robust innovative strategy becomes critical to this ecosystem. The best part of this is, it makes available the complete infrastructure, financial support, creative support, technical assistance, and workforce, that are much needed for the successful implementation of the Innovation, Lack of which is resulting in the failure of many startups to monetize their creative thoughts and ultimately ending themselves nowhere.

It is estimated that 70% of the employees are leaving companies due to lack of recognition of their talent. This is the reason why most of the talented employees are preferring to go with startups rather than suffering here. This innovation Bank can help organizations not to lose the talent and make best of this talent.

3. Non-Throttling Governance Mechanisms

Innovation management in companies is mostly dealt in a way usual projects are dealt, wherein the budget cycles, planning, requirements, scope, release deadlines, KPI’s, etc., are expected to go in tight schedules. But in the case of generating innovating Innovations, the simple principle doesn’t work out as where and when the Innovation clicks are difficult to say. In these cases, devising control mechanisms that are handy in executing these tasks require non-throttling structures for successful execution. In the process, companies can exercise control over these projects based on reviewing the outcomes.

4. Training and Education:

Innovative Innovation is a subject of creativity, skill isn’t. The dearth of understanding of this difference is leading to failure in monetizing innovations. Specifically, most of the startups are failing in this context. That’s the reason why most of the creative work though very great lacks the ability to spun large amounts to the innovators. Deriving a concretized solution requires some amount of training and education sessions to be conducted for the innovators so that the amount of skill needed can be imparted in individuals to transform their Innovations that can be banked. This Innovation bank ensures this.


Finally, I would like to conclude that this Innovation bank would revolutionize the way organizations conduct their creative thoughts and would be a very instrumental in deriving a structured framework for dealing innovation within an organization. In short I would say “HAVING TALENT IS NOT GREAT, BUT WHAT ONE DOES WITH IT MAKES ONE GREAT”.

Note: This article i drafted when i was working as a Managing Editor for the company blog. This is one of my best write-ups. 



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