British Ruled India Map

Bharath Revisited-Mighty Kingdoms

Entire Bharath was under the rule of British for more than two hundred years is a MYTH. Dont feel strange, because, the most underlying fact to note is that only 60% of the country was under colonial rule and nearly 40% was never occupied.  To prove my argument right, I present you figure  below, which portrays the map of Bharat before partition, the dark brownish regions were not under control of British.

British Ruled India Map

This represents the fact that these kingdoms were able to hold their identity of swadeshi to some extent, because of whom the culture and traditions are alive even today.  In due respect to those kings and kingdoms, we are are making a small attempt to present data of these kingdoms  in  our post succeeding pots under category Bharath Revisited-Mighty Kingdoms.


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